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Trustee Incident22 Aug

I asked Sheriff Hitchcock  about the trustee incident on 22 August 2009 that has the rumor mill running in Sequatchie county and Dunlap Tennessee going wild . He took the time and was glad to clear up the rumors with the following statement :


A female inmate that assisted in the GED classes presented a letter that stated the GED staff and trustees would be having classes and study . GED staff allegedly did not write the letter . The letter was likely a forgery .  Someone at the old middle school heard the inmates and called the Dunlap police department who found the trustees unattended and notified the jail .

The trustees were immediately transported back to the Sequatchie county jail and placed on lock down . The following Monday 24 August 2009 , calls were made for beds at other facilities . The  inmates were placed into state custody on Tuesday 25 August 2009 .  The inmates were shipped out that very day .  The trustees violated The jail rules set by TCI  (Tennessee Corrections Institute) and were put in state custody . This incident is still under investigation and other charges could be forthcoming .


I must admit I would have liked a more exciting story .  I was expecting to get stonewalled .  Simply put the inmates violated TCI rules and were sent to their respective locations . Trustees that violated a trust . It is a story so I published it .

The story that Sequatchie county has only 8 patrol deputies to cover Sequatchie county , 266 square miles ,  365 days a year , 24 hours a day , 7 days a week is much more significant .





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