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Veterans Outreach


I started this story thinking that the Veterans Administration was just as it had been 20 years ago. 20 years ago the Veterans Administration was a giant time wasting and inefficient resource waste. I was shocked with this outreach. This outreach is multifaceted, efficient and multipurpose. The vehicle that they use to reach out in rural areas like ours has amazing capabilities. They have the ability to pull the medical records and discharge information of veterans in seconds using Internet technology. This can potentially save the veterans months of paperwork and tons of frustration.


This is accomplished by the government’s decision, about a year ago to build an amazing highly technological vehicle. The 38 foot motor coaches have spaces for confidential counseling and will carry veteran center counselors and outreach workers to events and activities to reach veterans in broad areas. These are multipurpose vehicles that are handicapped accessible. The vehicle has also been used for emergency responses, has IV equipment, litter racks, state-of-the-art communications including, videoconferencing, PowerPoint presentations and a huge amount of IT technology. Satellite links can provide  internet-access for at least 300 wireless computers used for communications in a natural disaster. This is a great use of technology by our federal government. Anytime one piece of equipment can do dozens of jobs the government has made a wise decision and spend the taxpayers money well. This Vehicle can be airlifted, it has eight hooks on top for hoisting with a helicopter. I would have paid admission to see it.


From Left to Right

The ladies in the hats are with the American Legion Auxiliary

Beautiful, Amellia Beach the Outspoken, June Griffin, Gubernatorial Candidate and the effervescent Hospice Liaison Cherry Campbell From Hospice of Chattanooga .Who desperately needs volunteers in our community. They have no volunteers in Sequatchie County. I know people must be unaware because this is a community that is always ready to help.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Hospice of Chattanooga Volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Connie Bibee at 423-892-4289. Ext. 13256 or email.

Much Much More including Duncan man’s best friend

Tons more to this story but I needed to get this message out now to the Veterans. Things have changed and if you have given up on the VA, give them another try.

There are about four more pages to this story and I am working it. If you see any of these men pictured below thank them for their service. Freedom is not free, men like these paid for it and continue to pay.

Pictured above from left to right are Henry Beach,  Sequatchie County Chief Randall Lockhart,  Tommy Hickey and the last man, I can’t read my writing (Unknown Soldier?). Congratulate all these Veterans,  they served our country.

Much Much More coming including Duncan man’s best friend…Helper animals and PTSD

Dr.  Allan Schwartz

See complete article click here.

Some of the symptoms of PTSD

1. Anger and irritability.

2. Startle responses to sudden noises or movements.

3. Extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

4. Depression.

5. Social withdrawal and self isolation.

6. Nightmares and sleep disturbance (nightmares are often flashbacks to combat and are experienced as very real).

7. And many other symptoms that can be found in the former article and elsewhere on Mental Help Net.

In terms of PTSD, these dogs are trained to:

1. Accompany the veteran into stores, restaurants, buses, trains, air planes, work and any other public places that the vet may need to go.

2. Allow the veteran to remain calm by preventing people from crowding around him in public places by placing his or her self in front the vet thus providing a comfortable space for the vet.

3. Watching behind the veteran by calmly preventing anyone by rushing up behind him and surprising him. (The dog is never aggressive towards people but just provides a barrier and alerts the vet to people who may be approaching from behind).

4. Provide a reassuring presence for the vet by anticipating his needs both at home and outside in public.

Dr.  Allan Schwartz

See complete article click here.

Thanks, Dr. Schwartz for your information and helpfulness and all of the Veterans that have served our country.

PTSD A sign of Weakness?

No, having PTSD is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of  trauma that can cause physiological and  physiological symptoms.  Seek treatment and your life will be easier to live.

More Articles by Dr. Schwartz below.

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