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Animal Meeting 20 August

Animal Meeting 20 August

City of Dunlap / Sequatchie County Animal Control Study Committee

I wish I had great things to report about this meeting . I don’t .  So far I have found the meetings to be silly .  Sides have been taken and people involved seem to have been guarding their position rather than trying to solve this issue .  When another child gets mauled all parties involved will be guilty of inaction .  Something notable was that Jean Bryant (read last weeks article) had toned her manifesto down and she spoke in tones so low I found her to be inaudible .

The stumbling block now seems to be the basic logic involved . The animal registration needs to be extricated from the rest of this issue so we can move ahead and have a way to determine if the animals roaming our streets are pets or abandoned animals . Several members seem to realize this but appear to be trying to soften the issue . No registration makes the leash law totally unenforceable . That is pretty clear . There is no way now to be sure if a dog has had a rabies vaccine at this time .  Who wants their child to go through a series of rabies shots because of the councils inaction and foot dragging ?

16 July 2009 List Compilation

City of Dunlap / Sequatchie County Animal Control Study Committee

Each member was asked to share their top five list in order of importance to them concerning animal control . A list was then compiled by the number of times it was mentioned .




1.  Education -Owner Responsibility -Spay and neuter information.

2.  Public Safety

3.  Registration of Dogs

4.  Animal control Facility

5 .  Adoption

As you can tell by this compiled list they must have the public priorities confused . Public safety should be # 1 not   Education -Owner Responsibility -Spay and neuter information.

If you own an animal and do not understand the benefits of a low cost spay neuter click here .

Pet owner responsibility , if you don’t know I can’t explain that issue well . I will attempt to. The pet is dependent on you . A pet can’t purchase food  , when you put them out they eat garbage and could get sick and die . Please feed your pet. Your pet can’t call the veterinarian and schedule a rabies vaccine . Make sure your pet has a rabies vaccine . The life saved from this preventative medicine could be your own .  Rabies can take a year to show symptoms in humans . The first symptom in humans means you will die . It will be too late for treatment. Save your life by getting the pet vaccinated . Your female pet will get pregnant if you let her run loose . If she gets out while in heat you will have some puppies you are responsible for also . If you are not intending to breed the animal please spay her or have a veterinarian do it for you . There are many low cost pet sterilization organizations that can help .

Mayor Land

Mayor Land was asking the right questions he just did not get answers to the questions  . The county executive Michael Hudson was as usual reserved ( he has to clear all this with the county commission) and the Dr. pepper he was drinking looked very nice and was a distraction to me .



Neither the City or County  Mayor will support mandatory pet sterilization . Good for them , that would be over the top and offensive .

A new shining star at the meeting was Ms. Price from Wally’s Friends ,  a low cost spay neuter organization that has performed more than 23,500 pet sterilizations in two years . Ms. price was a great public speaker and I could hear her well . The pet sterilization program could work well with registration and effective enforcement .

Ms. Price of  Wally’s Friends ,  Ms. Takacs  of  Helping Hands for Heavens Creatures  and Jean Bryant have all provided the taxpayers with valuable service and deserve some commendations  for their hard work in low cost spay neuters . Keep up the good work ladies !  This will not work alone and the city and county need the tools ( mandatory pet registration ) to enforce existing state laws . This will prevent the ” that’s not my dog ” excuse .

This is a typical Dunlap unregistered dog . I think it is part piranha . Who wants this thing jumping in the truck with them?

IMG_0095 (Small)

Who wants to pay higher taxes to fund a dog pound ?  Not me . Lets get this registration started , that at least will help assure the dog that bites you has a rabies vaccine or not and it may give us some funds for a shelter or pound at a later date when the economy is better in Dunlap . A spayed animal could have a minimal fee for registration and this was brought up at the meeting . That is a great idea and seems workable .


These meetings could all be moot because the county executive Michael Hudson has to clear whatever decision made at this meeting with the county commission . This fact has been made clear from the beginning . I would ask him to place the Dr. Pepper can in a brown paper bag so I do not become so distracted .







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