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Child Attacked

Little developmentally disabled Jr. was playing in his back yard when an irresponsible pet owners dog mauled him. This was nearly our first dog mauling death. This happened in Sequatchie county and the sheriff’s office responded. This page will be completed after I get additional info from the sheriff’s department and health department.

April 10, 2010

Below is the report with the child’s name scrambled. This report does not reflect the medical report or the witnesses account. This is an image because I could not type it. It is very hard to type a document such as this. These thing are a matter of perspective and I believe the first hand account of the parent and child. Not so much this report. You can see the obvious punctures in the below picture ( 4 day old bite) and the bites on the buttocks were much worse.

Click on the image and you can see a larger version. This is not my typing this is an image of the report.

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Jr. was bitten several times his buttocks,  ( I can’t show the pics) were tore up and looked like cube steak. He has at least five separate bites that punctured and ripped his flesh. Jr was playing Hot – Wheels in his back yard when the dog viciously mauled him. Jr. Has a pace maker for his heart and has several severe medical conditions.  Jr. is a very sweet boy and you can tell he loves everyone and everything. Too kind to deal with a vicious dog. All he could do was get mauled. He was treated at the emergency room and the bite was reported to the Sequatchie County health Department. To date nothing has been accomplished. The dog has been reported to have no vaccinations whatsoever.

Jr. thought the dog attacked him because of his pace maker. Who has to die before our officials recognize the danger and public safety hazard that having un-registered un-vaccinated  dogs roaming our county like wolf packs?

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“This dog is still running lose and when the police are called the people tie it up. The owner has a scanner. We live in fear of these predatory dogs.”

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