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You will find cheating slightly harder than your typical internet poll.

Things seem to be moving along except for the discussion of using microchips (RFID) to identify your pet. There is always a seemingly brilliant idea that is not reasonable. Let us just hope this idea is tossed out.   RFID tagging a pet is pretty invasive.  To require a procedure done to a dog that has such potential for harm and abuse is government gone mad.

We Need Licensing of Dogs

Tags are reasonable. A dog with a tag that identifies it has a ticket home. Tags are proven to work.  RFID should be a choice. Your dogs head might be so small it can’t wear a tag or your dog might figure out how to remove the tag. My dog has an adequate head-size and has not mastered tasks like lock picking or tag removal.  At her age I doubt she will.

What is RFID

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. The chip typically is capable of carrying small amounts of data.


The U.S. Army was an early user of RFID chips. The army determined that RFID tags made it easier for a  spy to tell what was in containers that were in foreign ports.

RFID chips have been used to track humans and have GPS potential. Two notable companies , Prada and Swatch put RFID chips into products they sold for the purpose of tracking customer activity. People don’t like to be tracked. This is dangerous technology that is not fully developed. The precedent is dangerous  and RFID should never be mandatory.

My Dog Doesn’t Need GPS

People that want their dog chipped should be allowed to. The law treats dogs as property and chipping my property is not necessary because I can see my dog, she has a collar and a tag.

Cheap Effective Alternative

We need something done about the dogs but RFID is not a plausible solution. I think it is a planned stumbling block. Tags have worked fine and if you are worried about your hunting dog , a hunting dog does not have to wear tags while hunting.

Why RFID is Not a Good Thing(The Short List)

There is a lack of industry standards.

Radio frequency transmitted through living tissue has been proven to cause cancer. (A series of veterinary and toxicology studies, dating to the mid-1990s, stated that chip implants had “induced” malignant tumors in some lab mice and rats.) Radio frequency used in RFID chips are a form of electromagnetic RADIATION. How can government even consider making a pet owner expose their pet to RADIATION.

If your pet is already chipped and you have another one implanted this can cause a collision with the data resulting in no readable data.

The chip can move causing the pet pain and suffering. This is important because the pet can’t tell you.

If  the chip causes problems RFID chips can be very difficult and expensive to remove.

More coming about this latest development and meeting .



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