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Animal Control February 18, 2010

Animal Control

Once again I forgot when the animal control meeting was. I wasn’t there, however it is certainly looking like at least the vicious dogs will be properly handled.  Welcome to the 21st century Dunlap Tennessee.


It seems we have made more progress than I had anticipated. This is probably not soon enough for the children who will get attacked by vicious dogs this spring and summer. Mandatory pet sterilization seems to be completely out of the discussion now and let’s face it that was just a crazy talking point to begin with. It’s bad enough that people can’t be responsible with their pets and we need to register  them , but to have government into our dog reproductive system is utterly insane. Sometimes the animal rights people behave so crazy that they just harm the entire debate. I am glad that the people have had some advocates on this committee.

Below is a summary provided by the city of that meeting. I had to edit the below statement because if you did not attend the other meetings it would be out of context and irrelevant to you.

City of Dunlap and Sequatchie County Animal Control Study Committee

February 18, 2010

The city of Dunlap and Sequatchie County animal control study committee meeting was called to order at 6 PM by chairperson Annette Brown. The following members were present Annette Brown, Mayor Michael Hudson Cory Swanger and Judy Lane. There were several visitors present.

There were several questions submitted by several visitors. These were answered by Mayor Michael Hudson and Cory Swanger with the police department.

The group went over current ordinances; sections number five through number eight. Appropriate changes were made. Discuss sections to be looked at, at next meeting.

The rabies clinic is set for the second Saturday In April  in the past these have been held at the old Health Department location. Dr. Noble will like to have the rabies clinic at the City Hall. He feels this would draw larger crowds and the parking area will handle this. He is willing to extend his time if he can use this location. This will be checked into.

A handout was given for list of necessary equipment that would be needed to pick up the vicious dogs and the cost of that equipment. Other items discussed was the amount the city would continue to pay for Spain neuter program and add $2000 for vicious dogs. The county is currently paying $2500 for the services. The program would like for the county to contribute $3000 and $2000 for vicious dogs. Mayor Michael Hudson will present this to his commissioners. The next meeting will be held on Thursday March 18 at the municipal building.

9 March 2010



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