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Citizens Terrorized

Citizens  Terrorized

Dunlap Tennessee

In the neighborhood behind Save -A-Lot on Savage Road there has been quite a few citizens terrorized by an irresponsible pet owners vicious dogs . Several citizens have called and they all have the same stories , some were bitten and some were not . The procedure for this is mostly up to the Health Department at this point . The dogs have to be put up for ten days , the law allows the owner to do this . Lets hope the Animal Control Committee can recommend some laws or ordinances to make this the exception rather than a normal day in the life for the people that live here .  Viki Alder was bitten and this is painfully obvious . As of now nothing has been done . The dogs were reported lose all weekend still terrorizing the neighborhood . I received a call from a man in the neighborhood who was attacked but not bitten while he was getting his mail . He refused to call the police because he had no confidence they would do anything . I do not understand why these vicious dogs have been allowed to wander the streets terrorizing people and other animals .

Other than the Dog at Large laws which are almost unenforceable without a place to put the dogs ,  almost all Tennessee’s dog bite laws are Civil laws , not Criminal laws . This means you have to sue the owners for action . You can use deadly force on an animal attempting to attack you or another human . You can’t use deadly force on an animal peeing on your tires or pooping on your lawn . There is a difference . Also use caution if you chose to use a firearm , bullets can travel a long way and hit an unintended person or object . If you are not proficient with a weapon do not use it . Get away from the situation if you can .

Dog Bite

This was an obvious dog bite , the back of the leg was bruised . Powerful jaws ripped her flesh and created these puncture wounds .

For now we live in a place where vicious dogs try to feed on us .

The Local Tennessee Department of Health is trying to contact the dog’s owner so arrangements can be made to quarantine the dog for ten days . I wish them luck  because the owner seems to be pretty  elusive .

When you are bitten by an animal see a doctor . Puncture wounds are very dangerous and prone to infection .


Tetanus  , also called lockjaw a disease that causes severe muscle contractions with 11 % of the cases being fatal , and several other profound infections which can kill you are common with animal bites .  Your doctor should report the incident to the Health Department .  If your doctor does not , ask them to report it ASAP . Your life is in that doctors hands you are allowed to tell them what your wishes are .

” If you are bitten by a wild or domestic animal, or get fresh saliva from the animal into a fresh wound or scratch, then immediately wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water for at least five minutes, and seek medical attention immediately. Local or state health officials should be consulted to help determine if rabies treatment is needed.

A normal, healthy dog or cat that bites a person should be confined and observed for 10 days, and any illness that occurs during confinement should be evaluated by a veterinarian and reported to the local health department. Do not attempt to capture an animal that you suspect has rabies. Notify your local health department or animal control. Rabies in domestic animals can have a variety of signs and symptoms. Rabid animals may display abnormal behavior or an inability to rise or walk or hold the head erect. Drooling and foaming at the mouth are only occasionally observed.~TDOH


“Rabies is a deadly virus that is transmitted by bites from an infected animal. Rabies can be prevented if treated promptly before symptoms develop. Left untreated, rabies is nearly always fatal. Although rabies in humans is very rare in the United States today, up to 40,000 people each year receive preventive treatment following an exposure.” Someone somewhere dies every 10 minutes from Rabies Virus . ~ CDC

Report Animal Bites

A dog bite report can be taken from any citizen. ~ Beth Delaney TDOH

There may be more to this story . Report dog bites to the police , there is nothing they seem to be able to do.  Report them anyway . Go get medical care , if you have to go to the Health Department they could see you if you do not have other insurance .

These dogs are at eye level with children , they would have killed a child . Child attack click here .

Very good kids page about Rabies Click Here

What happens if we get rabies?

It can take one month, two months, or even longer for you to know something is wrong. The rabies virus attaches to nerve cells, working its way through the nervous system. Eventually the virus makes its way to the brain, and by then it´s usually too late for doctors to help. ~ CDC

CDC   Rabies Web-page

NEWS RELEASE Southeast Regional Health Office

540 McCallie Avenue Suite 450

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Protect Your Pets against Rabies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For Additional Information Contact:

December 22, 2009 Beth Delaney 423-634-1947

Chattanooga, Tenn. – The Southeast Regional Health Office wants to remind all county residents to keep pets up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Although many people are familiar with the law on vaccinating pets against rabies, they may not be aware of what to do about stray cats and dogs. If a cat or dog comes on your property and you feed and water it or allow it to stay on your property, it is legally considered your animal.

“If you allow a stray cat to live in your barn or regularly feed a stray dog, you are legally considered the owner of the animal and you are responsible for getting it vaccinated,” according to Eric Coffey, General Environmental Health Director for the Southeast Regional Health Office. Coffey added that dogs and cats should be vaccinated under state law by the time they are six months old and then put on a rabies vaccination schedule according to their veterinarian’s recommendation.

The Southeast Regional Health Office makes the following recommendations to help protect you and your family from rabies:

  • Keep pets up-to-date on rabies vaccination.
  • Teach your children to stay away from stray dogs and cats and any wild animals.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Use a closed container to store garbage.
  • If you allow a stray dog or cat to live on your property, make sure it is vaccinated against rabies or call Animal Control for assistance in removing the unwanted animal.

If a wild or stray animal bites someone, the wound should be washed thoroughly with soap and warm water and the person should seek medical attention immediately. Dogs and cats that bite someone should be observed for 10 days to be sure there is no risk of rabies from the bite. If the dog or cat is unwanted, it can be humanely euthanized and the brain tested for rabies. Observation is not an option with wild animals; if possible, wild animals should be submitted for rabies testing. Submission of the head for rabies testing requires that the head be undamaged and refrigerated, not frozen. An environmentalist at the Health Department can answer questions or assist with testing the animal, if necessary.

For more information about rabies, please contact the Franklin County Health Department at 967-3826.



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