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Dunlap Attacks Vicious Dogs

Dunlap and Sequatchie County

Attack Vicious Dogs

19 November 2009

2 minutes in there is a surprise .

To my dial up viewers , sorry for the video but it seemed very important .

After months of seemingly fruitless committee meetings concerning animal control in Dunlap , Tennessee ,  there seems to have been a breakthrough . This video is heavily edited because to be frank it was boring, I only added one picture in a place that needed some pause. They have decided to address the vicious dogs in a manner consistent with respect for human life. Clint Huth , Judy Layne , Jean Bryant , Annette Brown , and Michael Hudson have broken the stumbling block and began the move ahead.

Jean Bryant of the Animal Welfare Network of East Tennessee seemed to be a huge advocate for the humans in this whole equation . I know she loves animals and Jean has helped push this committee forward on this vicious dog issue .

The committee will begin to negotiate with the McKamey Animal Care & Adoption Center as soon as possible . This will still be dependent on the city council and county commissions approval .

I spoke with Michael Hudson the County Mayor he said ” One dog bite is to many , I want this to be done right.”  Separating the vicious dogs from the rest of the issue is a great step forward . I hope the McKamey center and our local government can come to an agreement on what to do with the vicious dogs .

I spoke with Dunlap City Mayor Dwain Land he is in agreement with Micheal Hudson ” One dog bite is to many , I want this to be done right.”  Mayor Land was at a meeting in Nashville during this meeting .



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