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Dog Attacks

Multiple Dog Attacks

Little Girl Mauled (twice)

This young girl was viciously mauled in march on pebbles drive in Dunlap Tennessee

This young girl was viciously mauled again last March on Pebbles Drive in Dunlap Tennessee

The animal control committee decides while citizens are mauled . Be the leaders and DO something . The committee has blood on their hands and need to beg the citizens for forgiveness . The irresponsible pet owners deserve jail . These vicious dogs are dangerous weapons . This young girl has been attacked by another dog recently . The committee is guilty of inaction . This beautiful young girl will have permanent emotional and physical scars .

We have decided to have some dog attacks ,  two in as many days . The leash law is not enforceable without dog registration . The police are not writing enough tickets . They have no place to put vicious animals . This is in part due to the last administrations and this administrations foot dragging . People are being hurt . I respect all sentient life but humans must come first and foremost . The committee looking into this is fruitless because they can only make recommendations . No person wants to be a leader and it seems no law enforcement official wants to write a ticket or summons concerning the state of Tennessee’s leash law . These attacks are just two of the many attacks that happen in our area . If you get bit insist on checking the dogs rabies vaccination status . The owner must produce evidence of vaccination .

City Dog Attack

County Dog Attack

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