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County Dog Attack

County Dog Attack

Reporting Officer :  Danny Hall , Narrative

On 10-28-09at 14:06 I was dispatched to a dog bite call at 971 West Valley Rd. I arrived at 14:20 so did EMS . The victim who is Cyrus George Rhode stated he was traveling south bound on West Valley Rd. on the right side of the roadway and when he passed 942 West Valley Rd . who is Wendall Scott Turners house a white with black on it Terrier came from the residence and attacked him while he was on a bicycle . Cyrus stated he was attacked on the ankle area and showed it to me . He had at least Three puncture wounds of the top of the wound area and a bad ripped/torn flesh area below it . It looked like the dogs teeth ripped/tore the area when it bit him several times . The dog was loose and had a collar on and when in Wendall Scott Turners yard at the ditch line and sometimes in the roadway when I arrived . Wendall was not home . The dog collar looked like it had abrass chain hook hanging from it . The neighbors at 971 West Valley Rd. stated the dog was on the chain that morning . Wendall stated the dog was on the chain that morning before he went to work . Wendall stated the dog has bit several people before on bicycles and hates bicycles and the dog “two toe” will break his chain to go after them that he has done it before . There was 4 of his terrier dogs running loose . I advised him to put them all up . He told me he will not but two toes he keeps chained up. I advised him if I see his dogs runnung loose I will cite him to court on dog at large . He told me I might as well go ahead and cite him.I advised him to keep “two toes” put up for the next two weeks on the account of the rabies deal . He stated the dog had its shots when little but when I asked about if it had the last year or this year and he stated no the dog has not gotten rabies shot . I advised the victim that he did not get the rabies shot in the last year. The victim got a ride to let him out up the road away from this area and he continued his bicycling . I got a call later that night that the dispatch asked me the same question if the dog had the rabies shot that he wanted to know since he was at Bledsoe ER .



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