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Animal Meeting 22 Oct

22 October 2009  Animal Control Meeting

This one is easy there were only two board members present . Judy Layne and Annette Brown .  It seems the school ball game changed days due to Friday’s weather and the Chamber of Commerce also moved their meeting . Apparently the issue is less important to the board members than almost anything . When another child is mauled the blame will rest clearly on this boards shoulders . Inaction should be a felony .

The board can only make recommendations to the City of Dunlap  and Sequatchie County .  Have we have been swindled again ? I remember during the last administration they were looking into an animal shelter and that look cost the citizens 10 or 20 thousand dollars . I will begin to request the documents to see how much these meetings have cost us . Dunlap Tennessee and Sequatchie County are one of a few places in the country that does not require animal (dog) registration . Let’s not be the last .



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