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    I used to hire people and I’m going to put some things everyday that will cost you the opportunity to work. Employment is hard to come by now. You need every advantage, there are lots of qualified people for job vacancies and a small mistake can cost you the job before you are considered.


  1. Your Email address -  (Susanlovestoparty @hotmail.com)  (johnisasexmachine@yahoo.com )  (Rachelhas[email protected]) are all examples . Your application or resume just went in the trash. Because Rachel has 50 cats and the boss is allergic.
  2. Complaining about past employers -  I wonder what you would say about me after you quit. Some of these people were quite crazy and every employer they ever had was plotting against them.  Your application just went into the trash.
  3. Looking at your watch or cellphone -  TURN IT OFF. I wanted you paying attention. Your application or resume just went in the trash.
  4. Lying  – HR classes taught us some tricks to tell how. I won’t tell you the tricks because I don’t want to help liars gain employment. We don’t call all your references. Sometimes we do and sometimes we didn’t.
  5. HR tests – Each potential job candidate was put in a waiting room with a receptionist. She was also evaluating them. Several neatly rows of magazines displayed on a table in front of you.  If you picked up the copy of High Times your application went into the trash. Some candidates actually made them self at home and left the entire table in a mess. Their application went into the trash.
  6. Appearance – Dress for the job but please be clean. An Electrician was not expected to be in a suit and tie but one could be and often they were.  Styles have changed, not many people wear suits and ties anymore.  I do and when I do I get treated better.  People are shallow and do judge a book by it’s cover.  Do not wear a shirt with a slogan or advertizement on it.  Make sure the clothing fits you and is neat and clean. If you have B.O. Use some deodorant and take a bath.  Do not wear strong perfumes or colognes. I personally hated it and it gave me a headache.  I would nit toss the application in the trash but you wouldn’t be put anywhere but the bottom of the pile.
  7. Credentials – Have everything ready, diplomas certifications, transcripts, Social Security card, identification  and occupational licenses.  The fact that you did not bring them would not exclude you but would make you not prepared and your application would not be on the top.
  8. Hobbies – This is tricky, some hobbies shouldn’t be listed. If I needed someone at work everyday and their hobby was skiing I understood that they were going to break their legs. That was my personal thing and I don’t think many employers think like that but I did. Be careful to not go crazy with hobbies. Reading is a safe bet,  collecting serial killer artifacts probably isn’t.
  9. Personal life – going through a messy custody battle and an ex-husband stalking you doesn’t need to be brought up.  If the subject of children comes up because of insurance make sure the prospective employer knows that the childcare situation is taken care of.  I really hate to say this but single parents were discriminated against. Not by me but it was common.  I had many single parent employees that were great and because they were sole providers for their children they made sure to be punctual and did everything they could to stay employed.
  10.  Work History – If you have been unemployed for 9 months and seeking employment I threw away the application. You have been passed over by other companies and I knew if I called your references I would hear “I would not hire this person”.  You need to sit down and think about your references and old employers. One of them is preventing you from being hired.
  11. Credit Checks – Companies do them. The company I worked for did them and a bad credit rating would stop you from getting hired.  I didn’t approve of this but it was their policy.  Tennessee allows wage garnishments and the “office” hates extra paperwork.

    Next: How to keep that job. Everything an employee needs to do to protect the job they have.

    I hired Electricians and office people. My employer sent me to classes that were very expensive because getting good employees and retaining them was very important.  It can get expensive training people that would go to another company. A troublesome employee could call OSHA, launch a malicious lawsuit or ruin your company or department.
    Some of these things will surprise you. I will Publish a few a day and put them here along with links to other places for other job hunting advice.

    Protect your position

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