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Animal Meeting 17 September

City of Dunlap / Sequatchie County Animal Control

Study Committee


17 September 2009

( This is a summary that I purchased from the city. I was unable to attend the meeting. This will not happen again . I left the misspellings and grammatical errors and published this summary in its entirety . )



” The City of Dunlap / Sequatchie County Animal Control Study Committee meeting was called to order at 6:pm by Annette Brown . The following members were present : Annette Brown , Jean Bryant , Becky Smith , Clint Huth , Mayor Dwain Land and Judy Layne . There were several visitors presents .

Annette Brown reported that she had contacted The Dunlap Tribune about ads in the  paper including tips on spaying and neutering. These will be entered weekly.

Annette also contracted an individual  about information on transporting dangerous animals but had not gotten a reply. Will continue working on this information.

Mrs. Karen Walsh , McKamey Center addressed the group. She informed the committee that the first thing in order was to set goals-long term/short term. Look at grant  thru the county and city or go as a non- profit organization. Gave several different grants to look into. Suggested going has non- profit with the city / county having control. As a  non- profit you can accept donations. Even as non- profit all employees and animal control officer are sworn in by the city and county.

Discussed creating laws and ordinances ( be specific) and getting them in place. Mrs. Walsh will send McKamey Center’s ordiances for us to go by.

Discussed licensing for animal beginning at 4 months. Sell these licenses at rabid clinic and vet’s office. Other places also discussed. Prices discussed, will work more closely at this.

Looked at an actual animal control center or a holding pen. Mrs. Walsh informed the group that the McKamey Center would work with Dunlap for a  ‘ per animal charge’ for dangerous dogs. They would hold the dogs for 10 days. If owner is known , the owner would be responsible for the costs. If owner is not known, the dog would be euthanized.

The city has a truck than can be used for transportation. Mrs. Walsh stated the McKamey Center had extra animal boxes and would sell one to the city. She also suggested we check with them about supplies, ect, as they may be able to get these at a lower costs.

Several of the visitors added comments and there was a lot of interchanging of ideas. The next meeting was set for Thursday , October 22, at 6:00 pm. Meeting adjourned. “




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