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Sequatchie County Meth Roundup

Busted for Meth, the most dangerous drug in America. The following people were rounded up today by law enforcement officials in and around Sequatchie County Tennessee. Bledsoe County, Marion County, Sequatchie County, Dunlap City Police all participated in the round-up.

All were charged with Criminal Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine.

Press Release

On October 14, 2010 officers with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Department, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department, the Bledsoe County Sheriff’s Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the 12th Judicial District Drug Task Force, the Dunlap Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the Tennessee Meth Task Force plan to arrest 27 individuals on State Court indictments. These individuals were involved in a multi-county Methamphetamine manufacturing conspiracy.  The State Court indictments are a spin-off of a Federal investigation which landed 40 people in Federal Custody earlier this year.

Officials stated that the individuals that have been arrested today were allegedly gathering precursor chemicals that were needed to manufacture methamphetamine.  Those chemicals include pseudoephedrine, iodine, and red phosphorous.  These individuals which law enforcement refer to as “smurfs” would then take those chemicals and trade them for methamphetamine or cash money.

This investigation shows how the investigative cooperation between Local, State, and Federal law enforcement can result in the arrests of such a large number of people.  The investigation continues and officers plan to present more cases to the Grand Jury in the future.

Tim Angel

Tiffany Herd

Stephanie Wooten

Rhonda Fugate

Natalie Prater

Karen Dempsey

Jennifer Newby

Jason Stewart

Gary Harvey

Elizabeth Higgins

Christy Hudson

Tommy Levon McBee
Tommy Levon McBee

3 Responses to Sequatchie County Meth Roundup

  • Well I guess as you can see a certain female and her husband and son didnt get arrested, I wonder why that is? Well I guess you can tell who the snitch really is! But as you can see she didnt get arrested and for somebody selling that much drugs well she is either snitching or she has people in her pocket!! also I was told by a certain young lady that works at one of our gas stations that the meth makers are buying the fat burners and diet drinks or energy drinks and pills { in small bottles } the ones with certain ingredients, I wont say which ones but they are buying them by the boxes and the gas stations are letting them! People we need to get this out of our county and take our county back from these drug dealers and corrupt people, well you should know whom Im talking about.. Also ill give you a hint she and her husband and son moved from Marion County {not too long ago} where they did the same thing and left before they got caught. Well good luck with figureing out who it is becuase she keeps on selling while everybody else goes to jail…….

  • this little comment is for elizabeth higgins and her boyfriend.if they get out they are gonna run.she is nothing but a theiving coniving person who needs to be put away for the safety of your community and herself!!! i know from experience and i know her she will run!!!

  • It is now 11-27-11. Beth Higgins-Burrows isnt a danger to anyone and definetly not to the community. She hasnt (ran) anywhere. She is clean and has been for a while. The person I see is loving, nurturing and takes care of herself, her children and her husband. I dont no anyone who doesnt have a past and i beleive in second chances. Its up to that person to decide what to do with that second chance.

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