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Flight MH 17: War With Russia?

Malaysian airliner flight MH17 is shot-down, within minutes US Congressmen start sabre rattling.  Senator John McCain vowed that there would be

“hell to pay”

Congressman Steve Stockman creates a press release with the following in it:

Whether Russian or Russian-backed forces deliberately targeted a civilian flight or mistook a Boeing 777 for a military cargo plane is irrelevant.  This act is an atrocity committed in Ukrainian airspace.

Russian should withdraw all troops and equipment from Ukraine and Crimea, and hand over those who authorized or carried out this strike so they may be prosecuted to the full extent of international law and institutions.  The flight data recorders at the scene should also be recovered and delivered to a neutral authority on the matter.
Congressman Steve Stockman
Member, House Foreign Affairs Committee

President Obama states.

The U.S. believes the Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile launched from an area near the Ukraine-Russia border that is controlled by Kremlin-backed separatists.We know that they are heavily armed and they are trained, and we know that that’s not an accident, that is happening because of Russian support.

Russia denies any culpability.

What is the precedent on commercial airliners being shot down? 

In the Fall of 2001 a Siberian Airliner was shot down fired by the Ukrainian military.  78 people were killed.  The Ukraine denied this immediately and later admitted it.  In the Fall of 1993  2 separate Georgian flights were  shot down by Georgian rebels. The total dead was 135. In the Fall of 1983 a Korean flight was shot down by a Soviet fighter plane 289 people died including U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald. Starting in the year 1940 at the dawn of mass commercial passenger aviation there has been a risk of being shot down.  Thousands have died in shoot downs and accidents.

Why is this shoot down so troubling?

It’s the immediate accusations and threats by U.S. lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, also accusations by the president of the United States. We’ve heard what they will do if Russia did this from minutes after the event. We heard form before the bodies were cold, before any evidence was available that there would be “hell to pay”.  At this point there is no evidence of any kind.  The media is all over convincing people that “Russia done it”. Do you recall the Iraq war and the WMDs? To fight a war and find out later it was unfounded is a mistake that can’t be taken back. Now the administration is promising future bulletproof evidence. Instead of questioning, the media accepts and publishes. Is that responsible media or is that media wishing to have something to report? They are reporting now that they have a picture of the exact launcher which the missile was launched from, crossing the border back to Russia. How would they prove the date of the picture? Who are they trying to prove this all to and to what end?

Anything positive to say?

Cooler heads may prevail. Its very positive to see who the war mongers are. This could actually bring peace top the region once people step back from the precipice and examine the real cause. The real cause is the conflict and everything that created it.

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