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Falsified Documents Signed By Sequatchie County Senior Center Board


Sequatchie County Tennessee

On January 15 2014 the Senior Center Board approached the Director and told her to retain her job she would have to take a pay cot to minimum wage. Ms. Cunningham obliged them and agreed to accept the pay cut. She had worked there more than 15 years and was of course disappointed but thought it would be best to stay employed. On January 17th the board met and decided to let the assistant Deborah Graham Camp  go, to lay her off. Sources have told me she was weeping asking how she would pay he bills etc and some of the vulnerable elderly people even took money out of their pockets and gave her some.

On 24 January 2014 the board met again and decided to lay off Ms. Cunningham instead, citing lack of funds to pay her and made Deborah Graham Camp interim director. What changed between 17 January and 24 January? Deborah Graham Camp is not working for free. Why replace a employee with greater than a decade of experience with a stellar work record for an assistant with frequent past employment issues?  ( I could say more at this point but ask past employees of Dr. Karen Shepherd’s office yourselves)  Our elderly are most vulnerable. These are some of our citizens that need protecting.

To add insult to injury Ms. Cunningham has been informed she can’t use the services of the Senior center herself, she was told she would have to wait a year. She fits the age group the facility serves and will qualify for the meal program in a few months. Which she will need because she is unemployed. When she filed for her unemployment insurance she was told the Senior Center Board has never paid any in. She has yet to receive a single unemployment check.

Partial wrap up here:
Illegal election, falsified documents, and a perfectly good employee ditched for an inexperienced person taking gratuities from the vulnerable elderly clients. My belief is this is cronyism and neoptism but it is also age and disability discrimination.

I’ve still got more here Including it Infamous Linda Lambert involvement in all of this, a person that has in the past told me a bald faced lie on a committee I served on. She was one of the people elected during the illegal election.

Please don’t take my word for any of this. One document is below that is clearly falsified. Click on it to make it larger.

False Document filed to State of Tennessee

 Part 1 click here


















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