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Sequatchie County Senior Center Deception

Dunlap Tennessee

There are rules and regulations in this country and the rules are supposed to apply to everyone. This is how our Democratic Republic is supposed to work. You can’t claim to be a non profit organization and not be transparent. There is no logical place to begin, this is all so very twisted so I’ll simply publish a timeline, the names and one simple document.

On or about June of 2013 four seats became available for the Board of Directors for the Sequatchie county Senior center.  The director of the center Cathy Cunningham, stated she was told not to place the notice of election in the local newspaper so they could keep the election in house and keep outsiders from coming in.  Mrs. Cunningham was a paid employee and only a secretary of the board, she was not allowed to vote. Employee verses management. She followed the instructions given her.  The notice of elections is supposed to be published in a newspaper at least 14 days before the elections. Secret elections for publicly funded organizations are not allowed. Secret elections are what happens in Communist countries, not in the USA but one happened. They changed their own bylaws in the middle of all this limiting who could even vote for the board positions, making up rules as they go. Still it had to be a secret, non-disclosed election. This was an election with almost no dissenters. Stalin would have been proud of their tactics.

The Senior Center Board could argue they are not publicly funded but they have had fundraisers in the community, have received funds from the City of Dunlap, funds from Sequatchie County and the meal program is funded by the state and federal governments.  So, whatever their claims, they are publicly funded and therefore must be transparent. They are not handling issues of national security, so there would be no logical reason to withhold the minutes of their meetings other than deception. Why would an organization supposed to be serving the elderly want to be secretive?

According to the County Executives statement in the Jan 30th edition of the Dunlap Tribune the Senior Center is a Non Profit as far as the IRS is concerned. The county had been donating $7000 plus the use of the building and utilities. The City of Dunlap had been donating $8,000 per year. During the last audit they were told the Center was classified as a non profit and by law Sequatchie County could not donate until the 501-c3 status had been reinstated. Errors have caused the Senior Center to be not legally a non profit 501-c3 since 1987. So for 25 years they were operating as a 501-c3 but were NOT. This was all discovered in state audits of the County by the State of Tennessee. They have till June 30 of 2014 to remedy this and it doesn’t look like it will be remedied. The City of Dunlap and Sequatchie County  could and should seek reimbursement for the donated funds because the funds were not going to an authorized 501-C3. Where do we draw the line for mismanaged funds and why can’t the people have reasonable answers from this board?

The secret election was held with nobody running against anyone (just like in the former Soviet Union).

So if you understand this so far you are understanding extreme incompetence by 25 years of board members and it could very well be criminal activity. Now for part 2, Human rights violations. Yes their behavior next could be classified as human rights violations.

It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home.

Carl T. Rowan

.Part 2 below tomorrow……part 2 click here

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