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Jim Patterson Running for District 4 Tennessee U.S. Representative Seat




I am formally announcing my intention to seek the office of United State Congressman, District 4, in the great state of Tennessee. I hope to bring common sense leadership to Washington DC and faithfully and truly represent this District and its citizens.

I served in our nation’s armed forces for 25 years’ service in both the Army Reserve and the Air Force, retiring as a Master Sergeant after 23 years of total active duty in 2007, seeing action in 3 armed conflicts, and was decorated for heroism in Operation Enduring Freedom. I am an Eagle Scout, Life NRA member, and NRA Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer. I have considerable management and leadership experience in both military and civilian life. I am married and between us, we have 8 children and 7(soon to be 8) grandchildren.

I look forward to serving my fellow Americans as their voice in the 114th Congress, and will fight for our liberties with the same courage and devotion to duty that I demonstrated wearing our nation’s uniform. In this difficult time, our nation needs warriors willing to take the fight for our future to the halls of Congress, and I answer my nation’s call to protect and defend our great Republic.

Please check the following links for more information, the 1 st link will take you to my full Biography, Pledges, and Platform. You can reach me by email if you have questions, every email will be answered.



commonmanforcongress.com (coming soon)

[email protected]



Jim Patterson


Jim Patterson Candidate for US House District 4 TN (R)


“ Common Man for Congress ”


“RESULTS, not Rhetoric”

Note from Editor*

* District was rearranged a few years back and includes:

  1. Rutherford County Tennessee
  2. Maury County Tennessee
  3. Marshall County Tennessee
  4. Bedford County Tennessee
  5. Lincoln County Tennessee
  6. Moore County Tennessee
  7. Franklin County Tennessee
  8. Marion County Tennessee
  9. Grundy County Tennessee
  10. Warren County Tennessee
  11. Van Buren County Tennessee
  12. Sequatchie County Tennessee
  13. Bledsoe County Tennessee
  14. Rhea County Tennessee
  15. Miegs County Tennessee
  16. Bradley County Tennessee

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