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STANDEFER Arrested on Drug Charges

William Ardell Standefer and his cohort Mary Lynn Fitzgerald were arrested by Dunlap Police Department on January 9, 2014. This is only a story because the teflon criminal. Standefer that was just given probation for a serous crime has once again been arrested.  You’d think with his lengthy record for charges including violent rape he would be under the jail. However this is Sequatchie county and common sense does not prevail but who you are related to does.  Nothing more to say here yet but his family ties are leaking out in an orderly manner. Someone very close to him is spilling the beans on his informing on others, his family ties and how he was able to stay off the sex offender registry for a very long time.  If I was Ms. Fitzgerald I would be worried he called the police to set her up. Thank you DPD but we know he won’t get any jail time. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.

STANDEFER, WILLIAM ARDELLMr. Standefer pictured above has low friends and family in high places.

FITZGERALD, MARY LYNNIs Ms. Fitzgerald his latest victim?

SheetDisposition sheet from Mr. Standefers last trial indicates he is too lucky.
Something stinks in Sequatchie county justice.

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