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Smith Accused of Multiple Assaults

SmithOn 11-28-13 around 12:42AM, officers were dispatched to the S curves on Jones Dr.on a motor vehicle accident and a fight. Upon officers arrival, the complainant, stated to officers that she was driving south on Rankin Ave. in front of McDonalds in her 1988 Chevrolet S-10 pickup, TN REG/xxxxxx,VIN/xxxxxx. There were 2 passengers inside her vehicle. The complainant stated that Jason Lee Smith pulled out from McDonalds behind the complainant  in his 2004 Chevrolet Silverado,white in color, TN REG/xxxxx, and VIN/ xxxxxxx.

The Complainant traveled south on Hwy 28. She also stated that she pulled into Kat’s Car Wash beside Andy’s Restaurant to avoid Smith.The Complainant stated that Smith attempted to pull into the car wash to cut her vehicle off. The complainant stated that she pulled back out onto Hwy 28 traveling south and that Smith was still following her vehicle, she stated that she turned onto Cordell Lane traveling west,drove to Elm St. and traveled north with Smith following her. She stated that she turned east onto Jones Dr.and Smith continued to follow her vehicle.

She stated that while on Jones Dr., Smith drove up closer to the rear of her vehicle. The Complainant stated that Smith then started bumping the rear of her vehicle with his vehicle. She stated that Smith then rammed the rear of her vehicle. The complainant stated that she stood on the brakes of her vehicle, however, her vehicle would not stop due to Smith pushing her vehicle with his vehicle. She stated that Smith struck her vehicle so hard at one point that it caused her vehicle to slide sideways in the road. Smith continued to push she vehicle into the S curves on Jones Dr. and pushed she vehicle into the grass on the opposite side of the roadway.

When she vehicle stopped, occupant # 2, occupant # 3, and herself exited her vehicle as Smith and his son , exited his vehicle. she stated that Smith then threw a punch at occupant # 2, threw occupant # 2 to the ground, and struck occupant # 2 several times in the ribs. she stated that she yelled at Smith that she was calling the police and that he jumped back into his vehicle and fled the scene. Occupant # 2 and occupant # 3 verified the complainant’s statements. Officers took pictures of the complainant’s vehicle and the black marks that were left in the roadway by the complainant’s vehicle as it was being pushed by Smiths vehicle.

Officers spoke with a witness on the scene, who verified to officers that when he drove up Smith was on top of occupant # 2 on the grass, Officers went to Smith’s residence on Bradley St. and spoke with him. Smith admitted to being on Jones Dr, however stated that occupant # 2 had jumped and kicked him in the chest with both feet and also had him in a headlock. Officers took pictures of the front end of Smiths vehicle. Officers spoke with ADA David Shinn which stated to charge Smith with 3 counts of aggravated assault, 3 counts of reckless endangerment and 1 count of assault. Smith was taken into custody……Reports show Arresting Officer Randy Phillips.

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