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Benghazi Questions

AC-130Washington D.C.

Questions sent to me by Tosh Plumlee a contact flyer for CIA, etc.
I did verify he is who he says he is and he testified at the Iran Contra hearings for you older folks (like me) that can remember that.

Our government refuses to answer these questions, MSM will not ask them. Mr. Plumlee is obviously an AKA and of course he put his rear end on the line to get these out. I don’t do national news but will in this case make an exception.

If you want to know the answers, ask your reps in Washington, these are grounds for impeachment and criminal charges for the administration.  Consider Obamacare and shutdowns jabs, if this was boxing, the jabs could make someone stand off and bloody our nose. A jab can do some damage but I feel as if every-time the Benghazi questions get asked Washington stages something to distract us. This has been more than a year and we have no answers. We are the people spoken of by the founding fathers.  Government is supposed to be accountable to us.

We need to know what happened to our service members, who we are arming, and why.

Questions by Tosh Plumlee.

Questions that most of the Main Stream Media will NOT, or Not allowed to ask during their so called Press meetings with the Administration.
Some may consider these eleven questions chilling, or conspiratorial in nature. However, I feel they are valid questions and we the American people deserve simple answers to the
following simple questions:

  1. Is the United States secretly arming and supporting various factions of the Syrian Rebels with high caliber impact weapons from The United States arsenals?
  2. Is the United States little known Direct Commercial Sales Program, also known as ʻThe Blue Lantern Report”, being used as a ʻcutoutʼ to secretly aid both sides of a Middle Eastern civil war?
  3. Is America again playing both sides against the middle for corporate gain as previously demonstrated by the Cuban Project of the fifties and sixties, as well as the Iran Contra fiasco of the eighties and the South American—Mexican Drug Wars of the nineties? It has been established via some field reports from the Middle East and some isolated media reports that the Direct Commercial Sales Program (DCSP) an American international program, which legally allows the United States to sell weapons to a host of foreign countries without monitoring those weapons after leaving our arsenals, stockpiles, and jurisdiction, has shipped High Impact weapons to Syrian Rebels during the last two years.
  4. What happens to those weapons after legally being sold via this program and they leave our control?
  5. Are they being monitored, traced, certified, and inventoried after arriving in other countries?
  6. Will our troops one day again face these American made weapons on some foreign battlefield?
  7. Is this Direct Commercial Sales program a secret cash cow for many US Corporations, international arms merchants, its insiders, or affiliates?
  8. Is it possible this could be another ʻoff-the-booksʼ secret covert operation ran by the CIAʼs Special Tactical Unit, similar to the Iran-Contra operations of the eighties and the old Cuban projects of the fifties and sixties, where we supplied both sides weapons and escalated the conflict for personal and corporate gain?
  9. Could we be selling and supplying dangerous high impact weapons, while aiding and financing both sides of a Civil War in Syria?
  10. Could we be escalating the Middle East conflict either knowingly or unintentionally providing weapons to both sides of the Syrian conflict?
  11. Did the ambassador and others, weeks before they were murdered, notify our State Department and CIA that Syrian rebels had obtained US weapons including “Stinger Missiles” from Jordan, Turkey and Pakistan shipped from CIA safe houses?
  12. Were they told to “Stand Down”?

These are simple questions.

Please ask your Representatives and Senators these questions  at the below links.

Find Your Representative

Senators of the 113th Congress

* The “Blue Lantern” program monitors the end-use of defense articles and services exported through commercial channels and subject to Department of State licenses or certain other approvals under the AECA. The end-use monitoring includes pre-license, post-license, or post-shipment inquiries undertaken to verify the bona fides of proposed foreign consignees and end-users, to confirm the legitimacy of proposed transaction, and to verify that the recipient is complying with the requirements imposed by the U.S. Government with respect defense articles and services and that those items are being used for the purposes for which they are provided.

3 Responses to Benghazi Questions

  • I just emailed them to my congressman Richard Hudson North Carolina

  • Thanks Greg, it all helps.

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