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Weekly Arrests

Sequatchie County Arrests From 11-11 to 11-17-2013

This weeks accused offenders, violence, theft, and a career criminal given many chances charged with CONTRABAND IN PENAL INSTITUTION. Lets just throw away the key and find out who he was calling on the smuggled phone….because that’s who probably provided it.  Innocent until proved or plead guilty.
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Sequatchie County Arrests from 11-04 to 11-10-2013

Sequatchie County Tennessee

Innocent until proven or plead guilty. This weeks aggravated everything, contributing,  and a shoplifter. All accused but since we have the Standefer-Pulliam crime scale in Sequatchie county, none of it matters.  Just go to court and plead Standefer-Pulliam, you want probation and a few weekends. Consult an attorney,  pay off someone, frame a friend or reach out to your crony network, it’s all the same.  Truth in advertising would call it the injustice system, special laws for special people.
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Sequatchie County Arrests from 10-28 to 11-03-2013

This weeks rogues gallery of arrested folks, Aggravated Arson, Assault, VOP/ Child Abuse all heinous crimes but Domestic Assault always irritates me. You can lose your gun rights for that one, lose an occupational license for things such as nursing if someone reports it to the state, it just seems like a crime that isn’t worth it.  You can walk away, get a divorce, talk it out or just leave.  Violence only makes things worse.

* 39-14-302.  Aggravated arson.

(a) A person commits aggravated arson who commits arson as defined in § 39-14-301 or § 39-14-303:

(1) When one (1) or more persons are present therein; or

(2) When any person, including firefighters and law enforcement officials, suffers serious bodily injury as a result of the fire or explosion.

(b) Aggravated arson is a Class A felony.

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Sequatchie County Arrests From 10-14 to 10-20-2013

The featured arrests this week were most difficult to decide. I already published the bond agents that were arrested HERE.  I actually pity the drug and alcohol users, they are victims in their own minds. The sellers, manufacturers, promoters and dealers cause me to have feelings that are very different.  Peddle death and you get no pity from me.  We all know that METH = death now and the term ‘Speed Kills’ from the 1960s still applies. You go into these things fully aware, commuting suicide and homicide,  one dose at a time.

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Sequatchie County Arrests From 10-21 to 10-27-2013

Not much this time period but theft and shoplifting arrests appear to be on an upward trend.  Only time will tell but the economy indicates this will be the new norm. Financial crimes, where the police are used as debt collectors because of the antiquated Tennessee law that legitimizes debtors prison will also increase.  These debt collectors that force people to believe handing over post dated checks needs to stop, Tennessee needs to stop garnishing pay and courts need to nullify this type of enforcement. That all belongs in civil court, not criminal court.  Innocent until proven guilty or in the case of some of the financial crimes : Unfair and violating federal law. IMO
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Sequatchie County Arrests From 10-7 to 10-13-2013

Only 2 Domestic Assault charges during this time period, Tattooing of a Minor,  and Aggravated Riot are the highlights.  Joining 3 or more people constitutes a riot in Tennessee,  and that leads me to believe someone was extremely injured.  These things most often happen in penal institutions.  I don’t have any background on this particular incident and I’m just guessing what happened. Typing and reading these things for years may give me some insight into the matter.  If it was, Mr. Branan should be expecting some significant jail time.  On a positive note, he won’t get a penalty for not signing up for obamacare if found guilty.

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Sequatchie County Arrests From 9-30 to 10-6-2013

This was a very slow week for arrests. I think the criminals may have shut down with the government shutdown. That or the fire at the jail had them booking into somewhere else.  Not much really to take notice of,  just some robberies. If the shutdown did cause this please ask them to shutdown more.   Innocent until proved or plead guilty.

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Sequatchie County Arrests From 9-23 to 9-29-2013

Dunlap Tennessee

This weeks rogues gallery of alleged domestic assaults, rape and child rape.  Some are just posted because they are here so often.  It’s really hard to pick the most heinous, perverse and sociopath like behavior to feature but as always the complete file is included.  Innocent until proven or plead guilty, many will go unpunished or get sweetheart deals.

Legal definitions could have changed:

*Burglary of a ‘habitation’ constitutes aggravated burglary. In Tennessee judicial parlance, ‘habitation’  is buildings, module units, mobile homes, trailers, and tents, which are designed or adapted for the overnight accommodation of persons.


In Tennessee, sexual battery occurs when someone compels a victim to engage in unlawful sexual contact against the victim’s will, and also includes circumstances when the victim is mentally incapable of giving consent to sex (such as being in a coma or having passed out from drug or alcohol use), and fraud (such as tricking a victim into believing that the defendant is the victim’s spouse).


The offense is considered an aggravated sexual battery if it causes bodily injury to the victim, if the defendant carried a weapon during the offense or was aided by one or more other people, or if the victim was younger than 13 years old at the time of the offense.

(Tn. Code Ann. § 39-13-505 & 39-13-504.


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Sequatchie County Arrests From 9-15 To 9-22 -013

Sequatchie County Arrests From 9-15 To 9-22 -013. Lots of violence and contributing to the delinquency of a minor charges this week. Innocent until proven or plead guilty.  The violence is disturbing and the fact that there are more women charged this week then men is also a nationwide issue. As women and man move into roles in a household that are so similar it is not surprising. In a poor economy both must have jobs, both must become wage earners, both seem to merging into one set of crime demographics.

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