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STANDEFER Arrested on Drug Charges

William Ardell Standefer and his cohort Mary Lynn Fitzgerald were arrested by Dunlap Police Department on January 9, 2014. This is only a story because the teflon criminal. Standefer that was just given probation for a serous crime has once again been arrested.  You’d think with his lengthy record for charges including violent rape he would be under the jail. However this is Sequatchie county and common sense does not prevail but who you are related to does.  Nothing more to say here yet but his family ties are leaking out in an orderly manner. Someone very close to him is spilling the beans on his informing on others, his family ties and how he was able to stay off the sex offender registry for a very long time.  If I was Ms. Fitzgerald I would be worried he called the police to set her up. Thank you DPD but we know he won’t get any jail time. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.

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Abuse or Something Else

Dunlap Tennessee

Abuse or doing their jobs? You decide but I am calling it abuse and it is borderline torture. Since everyone in the county has seen it that is anybody I thought the public needed to see what’s going on at Sequatche County High school this is an emotionally disturbed child to begin with and the school staff was aware of it. More to follow but some of my viewers were getting impatient. I am sorry but I had to have the implicit permission of the victim. It’s how I operate. I am not Mainstream Media.

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Smith Accused of Multiple Assaults

SmithOn 11-28-13 around 12:42AM, officers were dispatched to the S curves on Jones Dr.on a motor vehicle accident and a fight. Upon officers arrival, the complainant, stated to officers that she was driving south on Rankin Ave. in front of McDonalds in her 1988 Chevrolet S-10 pickup, TN REG/xxxxxx,VIN/xxxxxx. There were 2 passengers inside her vehicle. The complainant stated that Jason Lee Smith pulled out from McDonalds behind the complainant  in his 2004 Chevrolet Silverado,white in color, TN REG/xxxxx, and VIN/ xxxxxxx.

The Complainant traveled south on Hwy 28. She also stated that she pulled into Kat’s Car Wash beside Andy’s Restaurant to avoid Smith.The Complainant stated that Smith attempted to pull into the car wash to cut her vehicle off. The complainant stated that she pulled back out onto Hwy 28 traveling south and that Smith was still following her vehicle, she stated that she turned onto Cordell Lane traveling west,drove to Elm St. and traveled north with Smith following her. She stated that she turned east onto Jones Dr.and Smith continued to follow her vehicle.

She stated that while on Jones Dr., Smith drove up closer to the rear of her vehicle. The Complainant stated that Smith then started bumping the rear of her vehicle with his vehicle. She stated that Smith then rammed the rear of her vehicle. The complainant stated that she stood on the brakes of her vehicle, however, her vehicle would not stop due to Smith pushing her vehicle with his vehicle. She stated that Smith struck her vehicle so hard at one point that it caused her vehicle to slide sideways in the road. Smith continued to push she vehicle into the S curves on Jones Dr. and pushed she vehicle into the grass on the opposite side of the roadway.

When she vehicle stopped, occupant # 2, occupant # 3, and herself exited her vehicle as Smith and his son , exited his vehicle. she stated that Smith then threw a punch at occupant # 2, threw occupant # 2 to the ground, and struck occupant # 2 several times in the ribs. she stated that she yelled at Smith that she was calling the police and that he jumped back into his vehicle and fled the scene. Occupant # 2 and occupant # 3 verified the complainant’s statements. Officers took pictures of the complainant’s vehicle and the black marks that were left in the roadway by the complainant’s vehicle as it was being pushed by Smiths vehicle.

Officers spoke with a witness on the scene, who verified to officers that when he drove up Smith was on top of occupant # 2 on the grass, Officers went to Smith’s residence on Bradley St. and spoke with him. Smith admitted to being on Jones Dr, however stated that occupant # 2 had jumped and kicked him in the chest with both feet and also had him in a headlock. Officers took pictures of the front end of Smiths vehicle. Officers spoke with ADA David Shinn which stated to charge Smith with 3 counts of aggravated assault, 3 counts of reckless endangerment and 1 count of assault. Smith was taken into custody……Reports show Arresting Officer Randy Phillips.

Mary Jane Shell Local Bond Agent Arrested for Violence


These represent arrests, not convictions. Since I began running the DunlapTattler website I had heard of the ‘special’  family,  the Shell bondsman family. Sure enough as I looked into it, the allegations were true. In my opinion as someone who observes cases through documents the family was above the law.  There comes a point when your friends can’t hide what you do.  You pick a victim that charges you and follows through. Thank you to the victims. What a shame this alleged reign of corruption and terror has gone on so long here.

On October, 14- 2013 Mary Jane Shell and James Thomas Shell allegedly  went on the victims  property,  assaulted an adult male and female in front of children.  We are always on camera in the US now.  This is all I will say on the issue because a picture is worth 1,000 words. several pictures can be a book.  I have left the comments open because I have been getting emails about this company and family since 2009. Please use the comment section to tell anything you might know to clear all this up. I will protect your identity under the 1st amendment as a source.

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Wanted Vennie Leroy Keaton Captured


Sex: Male
Race: White
DOB: 06/09/75
Height: 5’10”-6’0”
Weight: 150-200
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Facial Hair: Stubble
Keatons Charge
Theft over $1000.00
Suspect in Homicide in Centre Alabama
(Cherokee County, Alabama)

Keaton is possibly traveling with a 7yr old male with Blonde hair. Direction of travel is unknown but could be headed to Crossville, TN. Keaton may be armed with a knife

CAUTION:  Suspect is to be considered armed and Dangerous.
Especially gloves when searching or handling this suspect.
Warrant Number 25379 for Theft over $1000 on file with the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office.
Point of Contact is Detective Jody Lockhart

Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office
351 Fredonia Road, Suite A
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Bledsoe Sheriff Arrested

Bledsoe County Sheriff


Dunlap TN
25 November 2012

Bledsoe County Sheriff , Jimmy Morris was arrested Sequatchie County by Dunlap City Police at approx 3 or 4 am for Disorderly Conduct. It’s the weekend here and i am having problems getting details and public records. I will keep pressing and let you know details as soon as I can.

Eye witness description of events: girls 2 guys just left The Bar to go eat all 4 was fighting at Huddle House city on scene requested County backup and 5 min later requested ambulance. Both males were tazed. Fyi this isn’t first time Mr sheriff has been involved in a fight at huddle house last time he was saying he was the sheriff and they cut him a break not this time. More intoxicated this time

Everyone was arrested and transported even the females

Jimmy Morris Bledsoe Sheriff

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Donald G. Vaughn Jr. Gets 21 Days For Rape Charges

Donald G. Vaughn Jr. of  Tennessee was sentenced by Judge Buddy D. Perry for Sequatchie County, Bledsoe County, Franklin County, Marion County, Rhea County, and Grundy County. Donald G. Vaughn was sentenced In Dunlap Tennessee on June 1, 2012.

Another rapist indited for multiple counts of rape and incest has been plead down to 1 class c felony, plus 1 class  c felony, given time served and probation.  His total incarceration was less than 1 month.  Part of the sentence was that while traveling out of  the state of Tennessee,  he has to wear a gps tracker. Read the documents and ask yourselves how can a penetration result in a c felony deal.  This man is a monster, turned lose on society by Judge Buddy Perry. I would like to say more but you can say it yourself. I would not want to re-victimize the victim. You elect your judges and you can impeach them. Shoplifters and petty thieves get stiffer sentences.
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Perverted Justice for Barnett D. Slatton

Dunlap, Tennessee


Documents speak volumes and this plea agreement was unacceptable justice. Judge Thomas Graham and Prosecutor Steve Strain didn’t have to bend to the will of the accused sexual predator and Ex Sequatchie County Commissioners  Barnett “Barney”  Slatton’s  will.

Here are the documents, I have nothing else to say but justice is perverted once again in Sequatchie County. He doesn’t even have to register as a sex offender. Maybe he should have won a prize? He did finally resign.

Please do not blame police for this. They did their job.  Judge Thomas Graham and Prosecutor Steve Strain let this man go virtually almost unpunished for sex crimes.


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Barney Slatton TennesseeBeware This Man

Barney Slatton

He did not have to register as sex offender

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