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Flight MH 17: War With Russia?

Malaysian airliner flight MH17 is shot-down, within minutes US Congressmen start sabre rattling.  Senator John McCain vowed that there would be

“hell to pay”

Congressman Steve Stockman creates a press release with the following in it:

Whether Russian or Russian-backed forces deliberately targeted a civilian flight or mistook a Boeing 777 for a military cargo plane is irrelevant.  This act is an atrocity committed in Ukrainian airspace.
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Abuse or Something Else

Dunlap Tennessee

Abuse or doing their jobs? You decide but I am calling it abuse and it is borderline torture. Since everyone in the county has seen it that is anybody I thought the public needed to see what’s going on at Sequatche County High school this is an emotionally disturbed child to begin with and the school staff was aware of it. More to follow but some of my viewers were getting impatient. I am sorry but I had to have the implicit permission of the victim. It’s how I operate. I am not Mainstream Media.

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Standefer Still A Free Man

Standefer Stll A Free Man; Editorial

Article Monday after I pull documents This is just one step towards a dismissal or conviction

William Ardell StandeferI don’t go to every trial and hearing but Mr. Standefer’s of Dunlap Tennessee stood out. A convicted violent rapist, allegedly caught with a gun, drugs and violating the sex offender registry, he  seemed like a poster child for people that can’t obey the law and have no regard for judges, the laws that prevent felons from having deadly firearms or any persons safety but his own. It all reminds me of the definition of a dangerous scenario building. A story later about another rape or murder that could be prevented.

When Mr. Standifer was in the “box” where defendants sit he was visibly shaken,  his eyes were welling up and he was shaking and bouncing his legs like a paint shaker. Was this the man several of his neighbors had told me they feared so much? He seemed like an effeminate nervous schoolboy, trying to avoid a paddling by acting like he was sorry for his actions. I almost felt sorry for him and then his victims flashed in my mind.  How much had they shook and how many tears they must have cried?

So far the sex offender registration was dropped and it was said it was because everyone knew he was a sex offender. Everyone could know someone has a house full of drugs but that shouldn’t hinder a prosecution for drugs. I am the first to admit I know little of the Tennessee judicial system and may have missed something in all this. Continue reading

Sequatchie County High School Failing

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FAILThe Sequatchie County High School is failing and as always trying to point the finger of blame or sow the seeds of mutual culpability to the citizens. If the parents have a school alternative, I suggest they take it. We have no public school alternatives.

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Are Inmates Performing Services In Sequatchie County Properly Supervised?

[Dunlap Tennessee]

Sheriff of Sequatchie County

I Vote No

We are all intelligent people here and there could not be any other answer. I can’t imagine any mind that could consider this supervision. If it was supervision it was incompetent. Incompetence in an organization is the responsibility of the leader. I believe this entire program to be a danger to our community. It has been sex and drugs, next time it may be murder and mayhem. We have been assured on many occasions that these prisoners are properly supervised in our community. The words were hollow and apparently had no meaning whatsoever.

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