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Zombies or Cannibals, You Decide

After several reports by citizens about zombies or cannibals in Dunlap Tennessee and several attempts to prove or disprove this by myself and others there appears to be a breakthrough. This photo delivered to me by a concerned citizen could be valid.  The photo was taken at approx 10:00 pm near East Valley Road in Sequatchie County. If you recognize any of the people in this photo please contact me immediately. Cannibalism and Zombification are serious issues, that have a detrimental impact on our society.  After an extensive interview with one of the residents,  Bubba Piggs he finally admitted his granny had been bitten by a zombie and had been acting stranger than normal.

Jakalope Killed


We have received several reports and  this photo of a jackalope killed near East Valley Road in Dunlap Tennessee. The jackalope was thought to be a mythological creature. The only explanation we can offer is possibly the nuclear power plants nearby  and being in such a close proximity to  Oak Ridge National Laboratory has caused a genetic drift or shift in the local wildlife.

Sasquatch In Sequatchie County

Sasquatch In Sequatchie County?

Sequatchie Sasquatch I doubt the validity of this picture sent by a viewer. The reader claims to have taken this on Signal Mountain by the highway. I think it is a stump.



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