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Abuse or Something Else

Dunlap Tennessee

Abuse or doing their jobs? You decide but I am calling it abuse and it is borderline torture. Since everyone in the county has seen it that is anybody I thought the public needed to see what’s going on at Sequatche County High school this is an emotionally disturbed child to begin with and the school staff was aware of it. More to follow but some of my viewers were getting impatient. I am sorry but I had to have the implicit permission of the victim. It’s how I operate. I am not Mainstream Media.

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Benghazi Questions

AC-130Washington D.C.

Questions sent to me by Tosh Plumlee a contact flyer for CIA, etc.
I did verify he is who he says he is and he testified at the Iran Contra hearings for you older folks (like me) that can remember that.

Our government refuses to answer these questions, MSM will not ask them. Mr. Plumlee is obviously an AKA and of course he put his rear end on the line to get these out. I don’t do national news but will in this case make an exception.

If you want to know the answers, ask your reps in Washington, these are grounds for impeachment and criminal charges for the administration.  Consider Obamacare and shutdowns jabs, if this was boxing, the jabs could make someone stand off and bloody our nose. A jab can do some damage but I feel as if every-time the Benghazi questions get asked Washington stages something to distract us. This has been more than a year and we have no answers. We are the people spoken of by the founding fathers.  Government is supposed to be accountable to us.

We need to know what happened to our service members, who we are arming, and why.

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Tennessee Schools Failing Excuses Considered Solution

Click on image to view larger copy.  Excuses are never a solution,  graduates are ill prepared for university. The number of graduates taking remedial college courses is climbing. All this while excuses are made. Pouring money on a fire never puts the fire out. This is going to take work not excuses. When a plan fails fire the leadership. This has always been my policy and it always worked. The school board and Johnny Cordell can be replaced.  I have turned the comments on and want your opinions and thoughts, even if you don’t agree.

Post Office Doesn’t Clear Sidewalks

Dear Editor,
As someone who works in the medical field with people who have disabilities and handicaps, there are a few things that really bother me. Yesterday when the bad weather hit the Sequatchie Valley I had to get out in it and run some errands. Now, just like me, life goes on even in bad weather for the elderly and people with disabilities.

The Nation is Facing Bankruptcy

November 18, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir:

During the last year, I have travelled to tea party meetings from
Kingsport to Chattanooga, from Polk County to Memphis. The absence of
politicians and preachers  is very significant. I only saw one politician
and one preacher during this whole tour of the State tea parties. 

The tea party is saying that the spending must stop. A UT economics
professor on WNOX-FM verified that the nation is facing bankruptcy unless
the government spending be stopped. The tea party people are not just
angry about paying high taxes, they realize that this spending has to
stop, it is a matter of necessity to save the nation.


J. B. Griffin

Salute to Clarence King

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir:

Let this be a salute to a great man who passed away this week. He was a
WW II Soldier, Clarence King was, and more than a veteran who had served
his time and forgot why he fought, oh, no, he remembered freedom that he
and his buddies purchased with their own blood and sacrifice. His soul
was grieved every day with the oppressions, tyrannies and outright stupid
regulations which are put upon the common citizens, just so the elected
entity can drag in a grant, all to “help out,” of course.

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Rhea County To Vote on Liquor By The Drink

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir:

It looks like the well-heeled dealers in the souls of men - the liquor
lobby - is putting up expensive signs to urge the people of Rhea County
to vote for liquor by the drink.

Alcohol is the hospice of humanism.  Having lost the life that is in
Christ and Godly Americanism, seeking the life where images promise
happiness in a bottle, now the vultures of the souls, the dealers, come
to finish off their deluded victim.

It behooves wise Christians to get out to vote against this expensive and
destructive traffic.  Remember, that temperance is the fruit of God's
Spirit. The fruit of the spirit found in the bottle is intemperance. Just
one drink loosens the morals, the tongue and the purse.  Who profits?

 Beverage alcohol is a curse on civility.  Not only should we not vote in
alcohol by the drink but we should rid this good County of beer and the
rest of the rotgut. Well, you say, Prohibition didn't work. Yes it did;
it drove sin underground where it belongs. 

June Griffin
For God and Country

Emergency for Tennessee Counties

This came as a letter to the editor. I expounded on the subject bit. I also read the document and was shocked that the State of Tennessee would pull such a stunt. Taxes, fees, costs, penalties for not complying, when paid to the government are simply “taxes”.

The document was poorly written as far as codes go and covered subject matter the authors must have known very little or nothing about. I am an expert at spotting these documents because I rarely get the opportunity to write about what I do know.

We have the power to stop a ridiculous money grab by the Tennessee State government.  Please read the document below, it is a small .pdf file. Notice how many fees and costs are includes. The document was made as an image so you can’t search it. Please read it, your future depends on getting our county commission to opt out of the new codes.

This is the wrong time to impose fees and costs to business and or citizens building a new structure or remodeling an existing one.  Our county commissioners have until October 1, 2010 to opt out. We were opted in “automatically”. When you read this pay special attention to how energy efficiency and safety have been combined. This economy has people and commerce struggling now. The new regulations and fees will push many under.

Please read:

Tennessee Rule – Residential and State Building Energy Code 3-29-10

Why is this insane?

We can pass all the energy efficiency regulations but the government can’t stop people from running their air conditioning with the windows open. Let us decide how efficient we need to be.

Please call your county government and tell them to read the documents, and opt in or out.

Dunlap, business tax hike, along with a large property tax increase in the county

Letter to the Editor
From: Carol Gaddy

Aug. 27,2010,

In July of this year, on the front cover of SVEC Tennessee Magazine, was a smiling
Couple being featured. The Tanners, a mom & pop business, making goat milk cheese.
Working 14-16 hour days handling the entire process from milking the goats to aging
The cheese. He from Kentucky, her from California, they chose to live in Tennessee.
What a great testimony this is and I Thank the SVEC for sharing it with us. Bonnie
Blue Farm, located in Wayne County began in 1999 the story informs.

This is what made America Great, the envy of the world!!
It was a place where a man and his wife, with a vision, willing to work
Hard, could build a business with their own two hands.

It reminds, of Proverbs Chapter 31, a virtuous woman. This woman is not lazy, she works with her hands and makes a product, sells it to the Merchants and with the money she gets from her labors, she buys a field.

Yes, my friends, I am saying, Small American Business is what made
America Great! The American Constitution, American Culture, (as it was before we were invaded by false gods and laziness) our Liberty, freedom to implement our vision along with the grace of God, to stir up the precious
Gift of God, He puts into His children.

I am encouraged by the Tanners story of success in Tennessee. However I am keenly aware, when wicked men sit in offices of authority, the people are oppressed.
PROVERBS; For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief.
Lay not wait, O Wicked man, against the dwelling of the Righteous; spoil not his
Resting place.

In Dunlap, business tax hike, along with a large property tax increase in the county. A one / two punch, in the gut of every faithful, hard working, tax paying American. We are living under an expensive City government, out of control. Our
Constitutional Rights come to us through County and State government.
One of my neighbors got a three fold punch, because of the new flood plain map, he
Was required to buy flood insurance at his business, in Dunlap. His business closed.
The city of Dunlap along with an expensive Chamber of Commerce operation,
Desires to promote foreign business more than American business, it seems! WHERE
Is their Patriotism? They raise business taxes on small American commerce, and yet tell
Foreign business, Please come to our valley, work our people hard, pay us low wage, make yourself lots of money off our sweat and pay NO TAX for YEARS!!

Tax Payer Letter Dunlap Tattler Editor and to Fellow City of Dunlap Tennessee Tax Payers

Tax Payer Letter to Fellow City of Dunlap Tax Payers!

I love my God given rights to Freedom of Speech and I appreciate my forefathers wisdom in writing my Freedom of Speech rights into our U.S. Constitution. If we fail to exercise these Rights, we could lose them! God gave U.S. American citizens, through our U.S. Constitution a responsibility to be watchful and speak out against evil or unjust actions concerning any powers or principalities which exalts it’s self against Gods way.

On August 5th at approx. 6:45 PM. During the Monthly City of  Dunlap Commission Meeting. At the end of the agenda and before adjournment, a tax payer ask to address City of Dunlap leadership on a non agenda item, under the 3 minute rule.  Mayor Dwain Land rudely, unwisely denied this tax payer their constitutional, right to speak on the record, opposition to city leaderships unified vote, to deliver city services of sewer & water to Keith Cartwright’s development which is outside the city limits.

Our entire Dunlap Sewer System is very much like a patch work quilt! At certain points within the City of Dunlap Tennessee, they are running raw sewage directly into Coops Creek.

Within 500 yards of City Hall, homes toilets will not flush, when it rains. There are no sewer diagrams for much of the City of Dunlap Tennessee, therefore city employees “Can Not” tell you where their sewage connection points are located. Dunlap Sewer System has been a failing system, for about the last (10) ten years.

This tax payer has ask the City of Dunlap Tennessee for the past 10 years, to fix it and stop their health hazard practice of dumping raw sewage into Coops Creek. We are now at a crisis point! Over the past 40 years, Dunlap has continuously, filled In and allowed to be filled in, Coops Creek natural flood plain areas, which NOW causes much of the down town sector to flood during heavy rain fall. Now we need a flood control system put in place. The City of Dunlap has created this problem and you can bet they will try to make some money off the property owners of this city, because of this problem!

The City Water System periodically turns rather milky colored, oily smell and a chemical taste. Many residents who drink it on a very regular basis are getting a very high incidence of kidney and bladder problems. This issue needs to be looked into. I ask, WHY add another great number of houses, outside the city limits of Dunlap Tennessee to flush their toilets into the old, broken down, failing, downtown section. Also putting onto , the City of Dunlap tax payers backs the additional long term pumping and maintenance needs. I have sat in on the City of Dunlap’s commission meetings and listened to Clayton Smith tell the city leadership of immediate need to spend ( $1,000’s) thousands of dollars repairing “or” replacing city sewage pumps or motors. This is a burden that should not be put on city tax payers, in order for Mayor Land to Build his personal “Good Buddy Club”.

I am sick and tired of good buddy club politics. Keith Cartwright’s development can build houses on just a 1/4th an acre of land, if he has city sewer service. Which means he can make (3) times more money on his investment property, if his “Good Buddy” Mayor Land sends him City of Dunlap sewer service. I have been told by some one who knows the facts, that the pumping station, located at the Home Plate Restaurant has an expensive motor, which is notorious for burn outs. However as Mayor Land has denied and violated my constitutional, Freedom of Speech Rights to redress on this issue, at the only prescribed location, ( City of Dunlap Tennessee commission meeting) to petition city leadership, I have decided to bring the issue to my fellow tax payers.

Seeing that our city leadership has chosen to turn a deaf ear to the currant financial and infrastructure problems.  I will share a few more facts with my neighbors, who also may suffer another property tax increase next year that our Sequatchie County Executive and Commission just put on us. The City of Dunlap Government just put higher business taxes on all business operating within the city limits of Dunlap. We are looking like a Ghost Town, in the down town sector. Is it any wonder! The Chamber of Commerce, funded by county Tax dollars, says “SHOP DUNLAP FIRST’ yet the City government chooses to spend ( $ 1,000’s) Thousands Of our Tax dollars, for a web service outside the country for this privilege.

Hostname www.sequatchie.com ISP OnX Enterprise Solutions Inc
Continent North America Outsourcing to Canada
Country Canada Country Code CA (CAN)
Region Ontario Local time*
12 Aug 2010 16:52
Metropolis Unknown Postal Code l3t7t2
City Thornhill Latitude 43.8
IP Address

OUCH! The City of Dunlap gov. has lost approx. $ 300,000.00 in business revenue In the past 24 months.

You would think, that knowing , We The People are living under oppression of (4) FOUR, MONEY HUNGARY Governments, City- County- State- and Federal. They should think,  let’s be financially responsible for the people who are paying for our “Cadillac” employee insurance coverage and cut back spending on something.  The City is on a spending Spree!! Spending a Million “plus”($ 1,000.000.00 +) in new deficit money to build a new maintenance building. YES, MY FELLOW TAX PAYERS, our City of Dunlap government has definite plans to GROW the size of city government, during this economic down-turn. They have already spent nearly $200,000.00, buying the old County Jail Property. Now Are buying another (4) four acre location on Main Street for nearly $500,000 more.

It seems they can not make up their mind where they want to put, their planned Million dollar +, NEW Building. I will also mention,  a local citizen who has great compassion for stray dogs, finding out the city purchased the old Sequatchie County Jail property, went to the city offering to staff a place with volunteers, providing a safe, clean place for stray dogs to be held. The place already had individual space for vicious dogs, to be held. The city answered her great idea, by demolishing the building. I wonder how much we paid for the demolition project?

When I ask why the City needed such a Costly Maintenance Building, I was told to ask Clayton Smith. Just who is running this City government Anyway? Dunlap city leadership, message to WE THE TAX PAYERS, seems to be   “JUST SHUT UP! AND PAY THE BILLS!” Should we the tax payers allow the Dunlap City Government to grow, bigger government, much more costly to maintain, demand we pay them more money So they can violate our private property rights, violate our Constitutional Rights violate our, God given, Freedom of Speech rights. “OR” should We The People do what our Tennessee State Constitution instructs us to do , when local government no longer serves the people?

Tennessee Declaration of Rights

Tennessee’s Declaration of Rights is more protective of individual liberty and rights that the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Sec. 1. That all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; for the advancement of those ends they have at all times, an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.

Sec. 2. That government being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind…..

It’s Time For A Tax Revolt Rally In Dunlap!!

Call me at (423) 949-3379





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